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When a loved one dies, friends and family members are propelled into the grieving process. Leave the legal matters to a probate and estate lawyer. Tas S.G. Coroneos, P.A. offers probate and estate services for anyone who has passed away in Ormond Beach, Florida or the surrounding areas.  

Tas Coroneos can help you get through the probate process whether there is a will or not. The Florida probate process can get very complicated, but Tas S.G. Coroneos, P.A. knows how to handle it. It’s important to prepare and file the necessary paperwork to get through the court system as soon as possible.

Contact Tas Coroneos today to speak with a probate and an estate lawyer in Ormond Beach, FL. He is proudly providing services to clients in Volusia County, FL and throughout the state of Flordia. 

He’ll walk you through each step of the process

Tas S.G. Coroneos, P.A. provides probate services for both small and large estates, based on your personal needs. He will advise and work with you along the way as he takes care of all the important steps of the process, including: 

  • Preparing and filing the necesary documents to start the probate process in order to get control of the assets
  • File for Homestead Exemptions to keep the property safe from creditors 
  • Making an invetory of the assets
  • Advising on income and estate taxes
  • Analyzing what debts that you need to pay and ensuring you only pay those

As an experienced probate lawyer, he will mediate disputes between beneficiaries. Call 386-506-7240 today to get the probate process started in Ormond Beach, FL.

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