Don’t Be Afraid of the IRS

Taxes Attorney In Ormond Beach Fl

An experienced tax lawyer will help you

When you’re scared because the IRS is knocking on your door, it’s important to get a tax lawyer on your side. Tas S.G. Coroneos, P.A. is a collection defense lawyer in Ormond Beach, FL who will help with all types of IRS issues. Tas S.G. Coroneos is a tax lawyer in Ormond Beach, FL but will travel nation wide to help with your case. 

It’s important to get a better perspective on your finances and future when the IRS seeks collection. When you owe money and can’t pay it, Tas Coroneos will go over all your options.

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Set up a payment plan that’s within your budget

The fear of the IRS can cause anxiety and confusion during tax season. Tas Coroneos will look at:

  • Why the IRS says that you owe that amount in the first place
  • Whether that amount the IRS states that you owe is accruate 
  • Your current income and assets 
  • The amount you’re able to pay
  • Establishing a payment plan with the IRS

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